Women’s Yoga Classes:
“Couldn’t recommend Helen’s classes highly enough. I feel completely relaxed after each session and so peaceful, no matter what is going on in my life. You will leave feeling thoroughly taken care of and regain the strength to take care of yourself again. Thanks Helen!” Lisa

“After joining Womankind Yoga, a little over a year ago, I can honestly say Helen’s changed me/ my life. Not only physically but mentally. The yoga is well explained and on several levels so each class is suitable for beginners or advanced. The friendliness and warm welcome is like a hug and the peace of breathing and relaxation really helps to take you out of your everyday busyness and has helped me to lead a less stressful life. Helen’s passion for vegan cookery and generous sharing ways, mean we often get treated to delicious snacks. Her honest care for our wellbeing has resulted in me into choosing a healthier lifestyle, too. Her encourage meant and support goes way beyond the weekly class. She is now a much valued friend. Who could ask for more?” Elissa

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Pregnancy Yoga:
“I found pregnancy yoga with Helen really beneficial throughout my pregnancy. It helped to relax whilst also making be feel more energised. I learnt valuable techniques I was able to use in labour to keep myself calm and manage my contractions. Pregnancy yoga also stretches the muscles you need to use in labour being more flexible makes giving birth easier! Helen is a great teacher yoga with her isn’t just about the positions she takes a holistic approach and gave me valuable advice on all aspects of my pregnancy. I would highly recommend yoga with Helen to any expectant mum even if you’ve not tried yoga before.” Cathryn, who went on to give birth to Dylan

(Sept 2014, Black Mountains): “I had a wonderful time at the retreat and it has been a lot more than ‘a weekend away’. I have taken a lot away from it and am trying to put the things you taught us into practice, along with other mindfulness practice I feel like I am becoming able to look after myself better in everyday life. Also, the combination of yoga and vegan cooking is a wonderful one!” Marika